Sports massage is a great way to maintain sporting performance.  At Clinic Fifty6 we use current techniques to relieve muscular tension, aid recovery or simply keep you active from week to week. We offer 30 minute, to target one muscle group, or 60 minute appointments for larger or multiple muscle groups.

Our sports injury rehabilitation sessions are always tailored specifically for your goals.  We aim to get you back doing what you love quickly, as well as reducing the risk of re-injury.  Our treatment and rehabilitation sessions are all 60 minutes long and include injury education and home advice, so you can get fit as quickly as possible.

This package involves an initial analysis of your athletic components, balance, strength, flexibility and more.  We identify areas that need improvement and come up with a personal plan in order to achieve your goals. As well as one-to-one sessions in the clinic, in the gym or even on the beach, we'll give you a customised weekly programme, that we'll modify as you progress towards your goals.