Rower - Heel Injury

I suffered from a heel injury, which came about through rowing training at university.  


I came to Sam with this injury and received regular treatment sessions to help loosen my heel and prevent Achilles pain.  


I was shown how to do numerous exercises to help reduce pain as well as strengthen the heel and ankle area, these exercises were particularly helpful as I could do them in my own time as well as during sessions.  


Thankfully, I am now back rowing at university.

1st October 2017


Swimmer - Calf Injury

I came to Sam with a calf injury that lasted nearly four months. Within weeks of seeing him the pain was completely gone. The following sessions focused on making sure it wouldn't come back.  


It really helped that Sam knew about my sport (swimming) as it enabled him to relate my treatment to the specific training and movement patterns I use as a swimmer.

13th September 2017


Swimmer - Chest Injury

Very positive and informative sessions with my Son.


Sam's sport specific knowledge is reassuring when looking to get back to doing what you love, as quickly as possible.


The therapy looks at reducing the risk of further injury too.

Fraser's Mum

5th November 2017